BoBo City

Play house with friends!

Welcome to BoBo City!
Here you will explore a variety of scenes, including the underwater world, sunny beaches, ski resorts, schools, restaurants, homes, hair salons, flower shops, neon clubs, the sea of stars, and post offices, among others! Each scene has its own unique design and features, allowing you to fully experience different lifestyles!
At the character creation center, you can completely customize your own character! Choose from various hairstyles, eyes, noses, mouths, and other features, match your favorite clothes and accessories, and pick your favorite combination from many styles. Give them unique settings and personalities to create a one-of-a-kind image!
In BoBo City, you can also have your own room! And you can decorate and furnish the room according to your own tastes and creativity. You can choose furniture, decorations, wallpaper, and flooring to design a cozy, comfortable, and personalized space. Whether it's a minimalist modern style, a cute and pink style, or a warm pastoral style, you can achieve it here!
Start a journey full of joy and memories with BoBo friends!

l Explore scenes without rules!
l Create lots of character images!
l Design and decorate your own room!
l A vast array of interactive props!
l Exquisite graphics and vivid sound effects!
l Regular updates with more areas and characters!
l Discover hidden puzzles and rewards!
l Supports multi-touch, allowing you to play with friends!
You can unlock more content through in-app purchases, which are permanently unlocked and linked to your account after one complete purchase. If you encounter any problems during the purchase and use process, contact us at
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