BoBo Pet Hospital

Simulation Doctor Game

Welcome to BoBo Pet Hospital! Here, you can experience the thrill and fun of being a pet doctor firsthand, learning how to treat and care alongside various adorable pets. Are you ready? Let's embark on this new challenge!

Diverse Pets - BoBo Pet Hospital has little patients including common pets like cute cats, dogs, and rabbits, as well as unique pets such as chameleons, lizards, and parrots waiting for your love! Each pet has its unique needs and personalities. Take care of these lovable animals and see them grow healthily and happily.

Run a Pet Hospital - As an experienced pet doctor, you can diagnose, treat, and operate, ensuring the pets receive the best medical care. You will face various treatments including conjunctivitis, trauma, deworming, otitis externa, colds, gastrointestinal diseases, fractures, teeth cleaning, hair loss, and more. Every pet requires special medical attention, and you need to be their hero!

Gold Coin Rewards - As you treat the pets, you will earn gold coins. These coins can be used to dress up your doctor character to look more fashionable or to decorate your clinic's lobby to make it a cozy and welcoming place for both pets and their owners.

Achievements and Medals - By treating a certain number of pets, you will earn medals that will be displayed on the hospital's Medal Wall. See who can get more medals and become a top pet doctor!

Interactive Experience - Build a strong bond with your pets, feeling their highs and lows. Share your pet stories and discuss how to be the best pet doctor.

• Treat over a dozen different pets!
• Various treatment options available!
• Exquisite graphics and vibrant sound effects!
• Mix and match character styles!
• Decorate and design your own pet hospital!
• Collect pet doctor honor medals!

This version of BoBo Pet Hospital is free to download. You can unlock more content through in-app purchases. Once the purchase is complete, it will be permanently unlocked and linked to your account. If you have any issues during the purchase or usage, feel free to contact us at

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