BoBo World: Fantasy Park

Play house in amusement park

Welcome to BoBo World Fantasy Park! This is a fantastic world filled with fun and adventure, ranging from mysterious castles to breathtaking natural landscapes. You can explore different scenes, interact with various characters, create your own stories for them, and relish the joy of exploration and discovery!
Step through the mystical gates and explore captivating scenes! There are six different themed areas waiting for you to experience: the Fantasy Corridor, Thrill Park, Phantom Theater, Magic Forest, Water Park, and Fairyland. Each interaction is a delightful encounter, where you can ride roller coasters, go on Ferris wheel rides with friends, and even perform in a spectacular stage play. There are hidden sticker rewards for you to collect too!
You can also design your exclusive amusement park! From various amusement rides to decorative elements, you can freely paint and design patterns, creating a breathtaking and unique attraction that showcases your creativity and design prowess.
Welcome to join BoBo Fantasy Park, and embark on an adventure full of imagination, creativity, and fun!

 Play with more than 20 characters!
 Six different themed park areas!
 Collect sticker rewards!
 Design and paint furniture Freely!
 Explore scenes without rules!
 Beautiful graphics and vibrant sound effects!
 Supports multi-touch for playing with friends!
BoBo World Fantasy Park is free to download. Unlock more scenes through in-app purchase. Once complete the purchase, it will be permanently unlocked and bound with your account.
If there are any questions during the purchase and playing, feel free to contact us via
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