BoBo World:Haunted House

Fun ghost hunting play house

Welcome to the mysterious world of the Haunted House, get ready for a joyful and thrilling adventure! You can stroll through the bustling festival streets, venture into the mysterious haunted mansion, explore a mysterious midnight party, and immerse yourself in the enticing atmosphere of the candy factory! Explore these exciting scenes, unravel their mysteries, and challenge your courage and wisdom!
Be aware of the adorable little ghosts! Each scene features a variety of cute little ghosts that will pop up suddenly, trying to spook you! Every little ghost has its unique frightening tricks. Anyone who sees them will be scared to faint! To prevent getting scared by the little ghosts, you can use ghost-catching tools to capture them, turning them into ghost balls!
If you unfortunately to be caught off guard and get scared faint by these mischievous spirits, don’t worry, your exclusive little angel will come to the rescue, appearing at critical moments to help you recover. You can also increase her rescue times by completing the little angel’s mini-games, which are full of fun and surprises!
Are you ready for this exciting, detailed and thrilling haunted house adventure? The scenes here include festival streets, haunted mansion, screaming restaurant, midnight party, secret base, and candy factory, each with scare challenges! Come and start an adventure full of laughter and mystery!
• Dodge and catch cute little ghosts!
• Protect your buddies from being scared!
• 6 different Halloween scenes!
• Lots of beautiful Halloween dresses!
• 6 fun and easy mini-games!
• Freely explore within the scenes, no rules, more fun!
• Exquisite graphics and vivid sound effects!
• Supports multi-touch, so you can play with your friends!
BoBo World Haunted House is free to download. Unlock more scenes through in-app purchase. Once complete the purchase, it will be permanently unlocked and bound with your account. If there are any questions during the purchase and playing, feel free to contact us via
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