BoBo World: School

Create your own characters

Welcome to BoBo World: School! Here, you can explore all aspects of school life and visit every part of the campus, from the lively cafeteria to the peaceful library, from the exciting stadium to the fun art studio. Each scene is full of endless adventures and enjoyment. Create your very own special school story!

The school scene includes dormitories, big playgrounds, creative activity rooms, inspiring art classes, yummy cafeterias, and smart classrooms. You can take part in fun group activities, plan exciting events, and even join in energetic games on the playground. Show your artistic talents in the art class, play games with your friends in the dorm, and make unforgettable memories!

You can also share updates about your school life. When you complete certain tasks, you can share your daily experiences and feelings. You can also chat with other BoBo characters, reply to their updates, and build strong friendships. Connect with friends on the school's social network!

BoBo School also lets you create your own character. Design a BoBo character that matches your imagination. Choose different outfits, hairstyles, and accessories to make your character stand out and make friends on campus.

Join us in BoBo World: School Simulation to experience school life. If you enjoy it, please leave comments and feedback. We can't wait to hear from you and create the most exciting school stories together!

• Create characters freely!
• 6 different themed scenes!
• Post your social status!
• Comment and interact with your BoBo friends!
• Explore scenes without rules!
• Beautiful graphics and vibrant sound effects!
• Multi-touch supported. Play with your friends!
BoBo World: School is free to download. You can unlock more content with in-app purchases. Once purchased, it will be permanently unlocked and linked to your account. If you have any questions while using or purchasing, feel free to contact us at

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