BoBo World: The Little Mermaid 2

Color & Play with mermaid

Welcome to BoBo World: The Little Mermaid 2! This is our widely acclaimed sequel to BoBo World: The Little Mermaid, bringing you an even more fashionable and imaginative pretend-play experience! In this new version, we have enhanced the coloring gameplay, allowing you to design your mermaid home with greater freedom and showcase your talent for design! We have also added a new character customization system, so you can create a mermaid that's uniquely yours and embark on a marvelous fantasy adventure!

Sophisticated Modern Scenes: The Little Mermaid 2 is set in a more contemporary context, with scenes including the mermaid’s home, holiday beach, underwater clothing store, underwater cosmetics shop, marine animal treatment center, and an underwater restaurant. Each scene radiates a distinctive and chic ambiance, bringing a new zest to your pretend-play experience.

Unrestricted Coloring Experience: Diverging from previous coloring mechanics, you are no longer confined to predefined color selections. Now you can freely splash colors as you wish, providing a broader canvas for your creativity and enabling you to create uniquely designed mermaid furniture. Let your imagination run wild and craft a dreamlike world!

Innovative Character Customization Gameplay: You now have the opportunity to design your very own mermaid appearance! Customize the hair, eyes, mouth, and other features. Choose the most fashionable attire for your mermaids, ensuring that style isn't just limited to land. Create the perfect mermaid that aligns with your imagination, showcasing your one-of-a-kind mermaid!

• Beautiful and chic mermaid princes and princesses!
• New trend in furniture coloring designs!
• A vast palette of sequin sticker colors to choose from!
• Create the mermaid image that you favor!
• Hundreds of accessories to combine freely!
• Explore freely in the scenes, with no rules to restrict you!
• Exquisite illustrations and vibrant sound effects!
• Multi-touch support for playing with friends!

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