BoBo World: Unicorn Princess

Take care of cute unicorns

Unicorn is the dream pet of every girl! Welcome to the world of Unicorns! Raise and take care of your very own unicorn, and design unique unicorn themed outfits! Customize clothes and furniture to create your own stylish look! Spend an unforgettable journey in BoBo World!
In "Bobo World: Unicorn Princess," you can explore five different scenes, including the Unicorn House, Unicorn Castle, Lakeside Forest, Rainbow Ball, and Unicorn Hatchery Room. Enjoy surprises and laughter with the unicorns, and each scene hides 4-5 mysterious unicorn eggs waiting for you to discover and hatch!
Feed Unicorns: In the Unicorn Hatchery, you can hatch and take care of adorable unicorns! Feed to grow them from cute unicorn babies into handsome unicorns! You can also customize their appearance, choose unique outfits, including hairstyles, eyes, horns, and skin colors. Build a deep friendship with your unicorns!
Creative Design: Don't like the default furniture colors? You can change them! Freely design and color furniture, including beds, chairs, tables, and more! There are four types of coloring options: solid color, gradient, glitter, and patterns, each with 20 different colors to choose from. You can also design clothes so your characters could wear one-of-a-kind outfits!
• Design and color over 30 outfits!
• Find and hatch unicorn eggs!
• 5 different unicorn-themed scenes!
• Collect color rewards!
• Freely design scene coloring!
• Explore scenes freely, with no rules or restrictions!
• Beautiful graphics and vivid sound effects!
• Supports multi-touch, so you can play with friends!

This version of "Bobo World: Unicorn Princess" is available for free download, and you can unlock more content through in-app purchases. Once purchased, it will be permanently unlocked and linked to your account. If you encounter any issues during the purchase and use process, please feel free to contact us at"

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