BoBo World: Wonderland

Manage your magic fairy island

Hi! Welcome to BoBo World: Wonderland! You could travel to different islands for exploration and help the residents there. Specifically, on the Food Island, you will become a master chef! While creating delicious dishes, you will discover different types of fairies and live with them, enjoying every happy day together!

Food Island is a place full of creativity and fun. You will personally grow various vegetables, from nurturing small seedlings to the joy of harvesting, experiencing the entire planting process. After harvesting, you can use the fruits to create a variety of uniquely flavored dishes, from simple salads to exquisite pastries, satisfying the needs of different customers!

By managing Food Island, you will earn income and rewards that can be used to decorate your own room. Choose furniture, decorations, and ornaments that suit your taste to create a unique space. Additionally, you can purchase various fashionable clothing and accessories, leading the trend of fashion!

In Wonderland, you can not only manage islands and cook delicious food but also acquire fairies through different methods. Fairies are adorable companions on the island, each with their own characteristics and attributes. You can collect fairies through tasks, adventures, and synthesis. Fairies of the same level can be synthesized into higher-level ones, allowing you to play and interact with them, creating joyful moments together!

BoBo Wonderland provides an imaginative and fun gaming experience. Whether you are a cooking enthusiast, a decoration lover, or a pet lover, you can find endless enjoyment and adventure on this magical island. Join us now, become the administrator of BoBo Wonderland, and embark on your own fantastical journey!

. Play with cute little fairies!
. Easy & fun cooking experience!
. Merge into more pretty fairies!
. Tons of beautiful outfits!
. Decorate your fairy room!
. Lots of interactive furniture!
• Beautiful graphics and lively sound effects!
• Regular updates with new areas and characters!
. More new characters and rooms to expect!
. Multi-touch supported! Play with friends!